PMF Global Ventures

We are an American-based wholesale food supplier and online food store offering the Africans and Caribbean Diaspora homegrown, and high-quality food products.

Our goal is to bring a smile to our customers’ faces and help them preserve the roots of their indigenous culture by offering them food and groceries that will provide a home away from home experience. We stock foods and groceries from Jamaica, Dominica, Nigeria, Guyana and Barbados, South Africa, and other Caribbean and African countries.

We know that having groceries to prepare your native African or Caribbean food can be challenging. We have been there, so we understand that driving down to the nearest Caribbean or African store or scheduling your shopping within their store hours is not always convenient. Our online food store was birthed to solve this problem and help you take the stress out of grocery shopping.

PMF Global Ventures is here so you can always get the items you need easily, prepare and enjoy your favorite indigenous meals, and spend your valuable time doing things that make you happy.

We pride ourselves as the best online grocery store that delivers the highest quality of Caribbean and African groceries at the most affordable prices.

Who We Are ?

Our Values

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Our Mission

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